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Custom Software Development

Custom web and mobile software development offer options for companies who seek to provide the most progressive solutions to the market, grant top experience for their customers, identify new possibilities, and take full advantage of business automation.

Web Development

Bit-by-bit we build scalable, pixel-perfect web solutions that range from vivid business websites to smart e-commerce tools to complex web platforms. All of our web solutions are highly personalized to provide the finest experience to the end user.

Strategy & Analytics

Hitting the bullseye isn’t luck, it’s an insightful implementation of business strategy. We can help you determine your business goals, plan your project and finances. We also provide various types of audit to measure and optimize the efficiency of your business processes.

UX/UI Design

We make human-centric designs that provide optimum usability. Our thorough design process, interactive prototyping, and extensive user testing allow us to come up with a purpose-driven, data-informed design that looks, feels, and works exactly right.


From plain WordPress integrations to cutting-edge solutions, we can code your ideas into reality. We work with the latest tech stacks raging form Java Script, Java, PHP, Angular, Drupal, React, React-Native, Laravel, Symphony, Vue.js, Next.js, GraphQL, Hasura to many more.

Mobile App Development

Building a mobile app requires a deep understanding of all the solutions available. Native apps, progressive web apps, or cross-platform tools — each occupies a crucial place in our mobile development toolset. Our mobile expertise allows us to recommend and implement the best solution for our client’s goals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For your business benefit we offer a full range of advanced technologies and tools powered by AI. Make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies, avoid mistakes and 'human error' by automizing, mine vast amounts of data, grow expertise by enabling analysis, and save time and money. We offer chatbots and communication AI, pricing prediction solutions, multiple parking and route planning tools, capabilities of marketing AI, rating tools and much more.

Quality Assurance

To ensure products function flawlessly, our team checks everything meticulously before it goes out the door. A combination of automated and manual testing, among other QA practices, assist in reducing risks and delivering quality products that facilitate your business goals.

Maintenance & Support

No product is truly finished after its release and needs to be monitored carefully in order to be successful. Our team is here to maintain, support and update your products. We focus on building a lasting partnership with our clients and many of them trust us to run their projects for well over a decade.


Get time- and money-saving recommendations from top experts in their field. Explore the potential of your idea, define the project scope, pick the right technology stack and discover optimal ways to sustain your solutions with our consulting services.

We translate our decade-long expertise into powerful digital products

  • Business Automation

  • E-commerce Solutions

  • Rental Platforms

  • Corporate Websites

  • Self-Service Systems

Our products respond to industry-specific requirements

Excellence in execution

In order to provide quality solutions, we employ an agile methodology. The agile approach allows us to react instantly to the slightest change when necessary and satisfy the ever-changing requirements of complex projects. Our work process goes hand in hand with frequent and transparent communication between our team of professionals and the customer.

Our approach goes hand in hand with frequent and transparent communication between our team of professionals and the customer.

Models of Cooperation

To best serve your unique requirements, currently Synergy Effect offers two different ways of cooperation.

Project Development

Looking to launch your first product to the market? Want to expand, add new features, renew or otherwise improve an existing product? We can help. Our team of professionals is ready to develop your projects from concept to completion.

Dedicated Teams

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands to help bring your project to life or to join your own team of developers? If so, our staff augmentation services are right for you. Hire a dedicated team or choose from individual experts.

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